Technical Support

My main job at Assimilate is head of technical support.
This covers understanding of customer’s needs and workflows, as well as finding the correct solution, or in case of a software bug, a suitable workaround in a short amount of time. From time to time I also help out at other software developers, or resellers in Germany.

Occasionally I work on-set as a datawrangler and transcoder, using Assimilate SCRATCH and Pomfort Silverstack. I make sure all data is backupped to multiple locations and all footage is being transcoded to the right formats, depending on the follow-up workflow, including all clip metadata and the desired looks. Optionally I offer quality check and DIT-reports. My main hardware consists out of a 12-core HP Z820 with internal raid, Apple Macbook Pro and Tangent Element grading panels.
Additional hardware on request.